Sunday, February 4, 2018

Arts, Crafts, and the Game

It was a slow day around the camp here in Quartzsite, not a whole lot of new photos to share. With that, shortly after breakfast, I was out to shoot another pretty sunrise.

Staying on my exercise plan, I headed out for my morning walk. Temp was 48F when I set out, and in 20 minutes I had my jacket off, another 20min and I had my jersey off and walking in a t-shirt. Nice morning, no wind. Forecast is for more of the same, yes!!!

When I got back, we headed into town to check out the markets. The markets are now supposed to an Arts and Crafts Show. For the most part, not a whole lot of new stuff to see. I found this cute fellow, looking bit tired.

I think he had a message for me.

I was fascinated by all the signs for sale, but could not find one I had to have. Some interesting ideas though.

As we walked around, I looked for something, whatever of interest. Here is a tray of "dinosaur teeth". Ok, not sure I can authenticate this...

Another booth had a NASA diorama, pretty cool decor for this round volcanic rock.

This fellow caught up to his friend, and then they both posed for a street portrait. Nice!

Some art for the yard, or garden caught my eye.

Before we left, I swung by the farmers market booth and picked up a bag of oranges. We will enjoy these when out driving this week. Back home, I got busy reading and later turned on the water heater. Showers and some house cleaning, then is was time for a super football game. The underdogs win, yea!!

We enjoyed some homemade green chili nachos during the game, and I ran out in time to grab a sunset. Sunrise to sunset, another great day in the desert.

Maybe we will take a ride to Skull Rock tomorrow. That's the plan anyway.

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