Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Grocery Run to Parker

It was a busy day today, taking care of domestic duties and grocery shopping. The photo journey today, well...

Once again this morning, not a cloud in the sky at sunrise. Any sunrise here is colorful, but without any clouds it did not seem photogenic. Maybe tomorrow. An hour later, I was out for my morning walk. My walk took me past the camp of new friends we met on the Cinnabar Mine drive yesterday. John was outside having coffee with his brother and their 3 happy dogs. Two big yellow labs and a mini-dachsund I think. The labs were happy to see me (or anyone for that matter) and I enjoyed getting to know them. We talked about the jeep ride yesterday, and plans for later this week.

Back in camp, Barb and I locked and loaded the rig so we could drive over to service the tanks. This too is not a particularly photogenic subject. We made a side trip to fill a propane tank at the RV Pitstop, and then returned to our spot and reset up our camp.

Next up, it was time for grocery shopping at the Parker Walmart. Parker is about 35 miles north, so I tried to get a few photos along the road trip. This is at the north end of Old Yuma Road, just before leaving the La Posa West LTVA.

As we turned into town, I noticed that the main RV park near the show grounds has completely cleared out. It will be a ghost town until the next show.

Just past the ghost town, we fly over Interstate 10 before arriving at Main Street.

Heading north, we pass the RV Pitstop again. We were here an hour ago filling up our propane tank and water jugs.

Just north of town, we pass the Quartzsite Firehouse.

The ride north along AZ95 was no more interesting than last week. We soon reached the turn where highway 95 merges with 72, coming from Phoenix.

We turn northwest, continuing on 95 to Parker. Ahead is the Mesquite Mountains, which is on the Colorado River Indian Reservation. At this point, we are about 12 miles from Parker.

As we drive toward Parker, we see what at first looks like a drone hovering over the highway. That visual perception soon turned up, and headed east. As we got close enough to see, this "drone" was actually a V22 Osprey, not a drone. The Osprey is a military plane that can take off vertical or horizonal, hover, and then turn its props and take off for somewhere. It seems to be heading for Phoenix at this moment.

To the north is Black Mountain. On top are antennas that send out radio, TV, and phone signals for this area. The TV signals are easy to receive down in Q, for those who want to watch.

We took care of business in Parker, and then turned back south to head home. On the way out of town, this street vendor caught our eye.

We arrived back in camp, went to work putting away the groceries, and I washed all the jeep windows. Then is was time to relax, have a cold one, and watch the hummingbirds. I am still trying to catch one, just right in the light, where the greens and reds show. Not today.

Now that the chores are done, we plan to find a new jeep trail to explore tomorrow.

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