Monday, February 12, 2018

Plomosa Mountain Drive

Windy overnight, and this morning as well. Initial laziness was overcome, and I headed out to walk. It was a windy walk, worth the trouble as I had a chance to talk with our friends Larry and Sandy. They were loading up to head home ahead of plans, since they have been battling colds and the dust kicked up by the wind was not helping. Safe travels on your way home.

When I returned, we got organized and headed north to explore the Plomosa Mountains northeast of Quartzsite. Plomosa Road heads east off 95 about 8 miles north of town.

Plomosa Road is paved from Hwy 95 all the way to Bouse. There is 14 day limit camping along both sides of Plomosa for the first 6 miles east of 95. Once over Quinn Pass, camping is allowed again along Plomosa Road as it descends toward Bouse. Here we see Plomosa just after we turned east off 95.

Just over 6 miles east, we grab a left and head north. I think most of the road today is BLM 080, with parts on 80C and 80E.

In the distance to the southeast, we see the Plomosa Mountains and, in the 2nd photo, the north end of the KOFA mountains.

We are heading north at this point, crossing washes flowing down from the mountains. One wash had a deep drop, very fun.

For some variety, the road passes through a number of sand dunes. Also fun!

We stopped for a break after turning east heading toward 4 Peaks. The tallest of 4 Peaks is the landmark we keep in sight for a while.

We bounce in and out and in and out of a wash as we climb up toward 4 Peaks.

Along the way, we pass a few mine adits. The color of the rock here is strikingly red.

The road we took winds around 4 Peaks to the east side. There are many road choices out here, but today, we only saw one UTV on our road.

As we descend east down 4 Peaks, we look out toward Plomosa Road and the town of Bouse in the distance.

Looking back to the southwest, the Plomosa Mountain range. We will drive back through Quinn Pass on Plomosa Road as we return to Quartzsite.

Gotta keep my eye on the road, as there is one last wash to cross. This one had a deep drop on entry and an easy exit.

Right where we turn west on Plomosa, there was a road crew busy patching the asphalt.

Just over Quinn Pass, we look southwest toward Quartzsite in the distance.

Back in town, not much has changed. The flea markets are keeping busy, but much less busy than during the show weeks.

The day today was quite a bit cooler, and windy as a weather front passes through. As I write this evening, we hear a few rain sprinkles on the roof and more wind.

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