Friday, February 9, 2018

Q Desert Flyers Airshow

We were up early (for us anyway) and off to the airshow. Today, the Quartzsite Desert Flyers RC Club put on their annual Air Show. We set off early, just in case the wind kicked up. The show started at 9am, and the weather cooperated all morning. It was calm until well into the afternoon.

We had not been to the Q RC airfield, so the route there took us though parts of Quartzsite that we had never seen. The Police Station is over here.

Across the street is the entrance to a city park, with a monument appropriate for where we were going.

The crowd was already filling in when we arrived, and some planes were just taking off. A little while later, I walked to the end of the runway and took this photo of the spectators.

There was quite a lineup of planes for the air show. Many very large planes surprised me, with the flyers sporting full trailers to support the hobby and transport these big planes.

In addition to the big boys, there was a wide selection of other designs. Models of WWII war planes were well represented.

There were a lot of interesting designs, and some familiar looking shapes.

I liked these models with translucent skins showing off the internal frame.

One of the most impressive planes was this Canadian X, flown by Tom Jantz. He was an expert pilot thrilling the audience with an amazing combination of acrobatics. Click any photo to enlarge.

Often, 3-4 pilots had their planes were in the air. All 4 of these planes were electric motor driven. I had not seen electric RC planes before. Like an electric car, no sound except for the propeller. Most of the electric planes had upwards of 5 minutes of flight time on a charge.

While the electric planes were really cool, I found myself wanting to hear that throaty internal combustion motor. That said, if I decide to get into this hobby, I would likely start with an electric.

After the airshow, we headed back to camp to relax, read, and enjoy the splendid afternoon. I set up my camera and snapped a really neat photo of the airshow going on around our campsite !!!

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