Thursday, February 1, 2018

Unplanned, Domestic Day

Our original plan was to be out 4 wheeling, however our off road partners had to postpone. They have been fighting furnace problems for a couple nights (brrrr) and needed to get it fixed. Always flexible, we decided to head up to the Parker walmart for groceries and then hit the laundromat in the afternoon. That was an experiment, hoping to avoid the morning laundry crowd. Well, no, that did not work, but first.

After my morning walk, we got organized and headed north to Parker. Destination, Walmart !!!

Leaving Quartzsite going north on Hwy 95, we pass the Hi Jolly camping area. This is a 14 day limit free area located 3 miles north of the town. It is a popular spot being close to town. I would imagine it will be noisy, being a smaller area and close to the 95. We have not camped here.

About 8 miles further north is the Plomosa BLM camping area. This area is also free, 14 day limit. This camping area stretches several miles to the northwest along Plomosa and both north and south of the road. Plenty of room to spread out here, well away from town and highways, this area is popular for being free and quiet.

From there, the drive to the Parker Walmart is about 30 miles, not a bad day trip and traffic was not bad until we got into Parker. The drive is straight north on the 95 and then northwest when we merge with the 72.

Heading northwest, we see the Mesquite Mountain(s). This view looking northwest in the morning.

And the same mountains viewed looking southwest in the afternoon. The afternoon lighting adds more color and texture.

Along 95 near Parker, we pass through the Colorado River Indian Reservation. The reservation stretches out from the highway down to the Colorado river, which is not really evident in this photo.

The Parker City welcome sign and then the Parker City Park. Green grass !!!

We did our grocery shopping thing at Walmart (no photos, who cares about another walmart?). Then, we headed back south. On the way out of town, the highlight was the KOFA motel.

Back in Quartzsite, we passed over the interstate on the bridge and took a look at the shrinking marketplace. About 50% of the vendors have pulled out, but there are still plenty of tents for shopping and the parking is a lot easier. This weekend, the arts and crafts fair is in town.

With the groceries put away, we grabbed the laundry. We were hoping the laundromat would be less busy in the afternoon, nope. Wrong. It was ever bit as busy in the afternoon, complete with a old guy strumming on an electric guitar backed by a boombox. Is that called guitar karoke? We kept focus on the work and got it done as fast as possible. Then, it was time to sit and relax.

We had dinner plans, first night out and of course, Silly Al's Pizza. Silly Als seemed to be the place to be tonight, they were plenty busy. Some good pizza, and some good company with Larry and Sandy.

With the domestic chores done now for a while, we will get back on track with our 4 wheeling tomorrow.

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